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Rabbit Food

There are predominately two types of food to feed your rabbit with; rabbit muesli and rabbit nuggets.

Rabbit Food

Rabbit Muesli

Rabbit muesli is a mixture of grains, pulses, pellets and biscuits and Rabbit nuggets that look a little like the complete dry food dogs and cats eat. Both offer pro’s and con’s for rabbit care.

Meusli is made up of all the required nutrients and dietary requirements for your pet, however care has to be taken when using muesli as rabbits are selective eaters, and will eat the bits they like and leave the bits they don’t like. It is important to ensure your rabbit receives all the required nutrients they require or health problems will quickly occur.

Rabbit Nuggets

Rabbit Nuggets are a dry food developed to prevent selective feeding and has higher fibre content than muesli mixes. They are recommended by vets and can be fed to your rabbit in small amounts, approximately an egg cup full per day for a small sized rabbit. There are different varieties of nuggets available for examples overweight rabbits, baby rabbits or elderly rabbits.

Rabbit Hay

Chewing hay is also recommended as it helps to keep a rabbit’s teeth worn down. It is advisable to give your pet rabbit hay or hay cubes (Timothy hay, not alfalfa) at least every other day. Hay should be relatively dust free, at least slightly green, with a pleasant, fresh smell.

Rabbit Treats

A variety of rabbit treats are available from online suppliers or your high street store, which can be given in small quantities to your rabbit, such as wild berry and dandelion sticks, corn on the cob and dried fruit among the healthy treat options.