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Pet Insurance

Why invest in Pet insurance? Well, quite simply if your pet falls ill or is injured in an accident pet insurance will meet the costs for veterinary treatment. Unlike humans, there is no ‘NHS for pets’, and so the cost of treatment is private and we have to find those costs for ourselves.

Pet Insurance

These days, they don’t come cheap, and we can help to offset those costs with a pet insurance policy. They help with vet fees, they help with treatment, some policies will also pay out if your pet dies in an accident, or if it’s lost or stolen.

Pet Insurance For Your Dog

With vet bills getting bigger and bigger due to the drugs and medical techniques employed becoming more advanced, pet insurance is used for looking to care for our pet to avoid the possibility of worryingly large bills. Let’s not forget, just like a human a pet could have an ongoing illness that could require vital treatment for several years that pet insurance could cover. Imagine having to try and fund such an illness without pet insurance.

Most standard comprehensive policies offer benefits such as vet fees, boarding fees, death benefit and many other features such as x-rays, surgery and hospitalisation. In recent years, pet insurance policies have increased to cover more eventualities. Some policies now include cover for your pet to be treated by alternative therapies, and even offer advice lines for the owner in the event of the loss of a much loved pet.

Some policies offer additional benefits, which could be of specific interest. A number of policies (dog and horse are the most common) cover public liability, which means if your pet causes an accident you are liable for any damages caused from your pets actions. Public Liability cover on pet insurance should offer you some peace of mind in our “compensation culture” society. Some may offer such cover as kennel cover, which covers your pet if they have to be housed when you are ill. There may also be cover for advertising and a reward if your pet goes missing and even possibly holiday insurance should you wish to take your pet abroad.

Rabbit Pet Insurance

Policies offering a lifetime cover option can be a great advantage. For example, if your pet was to contract a disease requiring ongoing treatment, some cheaper pet insurance policies cover this for the lifetime of the policy only. With a more flexible lifetime policy you may well be covered for the lifetime of your pet.

With a good quality pet insurance policy you’ll never have to choose between your pet’s wellbeing and your bank balance, however it is also worth having a look at what’s excluded from any insurance policy before you buy. Buying cheap pet insurance could prove to be a false economy if it excludes certain features you and your pet later need. Common exclusions can often include pre-existing medical conditions and injuries, vaccinations, flea control and spaying or castration.

There’s certainly more to pet insurance than just how much you pay, so take a look at the policy document or ask before you buy!

Pet Insurance Quotes

Compare pet insurance quotes from the UK’s leading suppliers below and find a policy that gives you peace of mind should your pet become unwell or injured.