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Welcome to Petfood.co.uk’s Advice page. Keep informed on the best ways to take care of your pet, whether it’s healthcare, how to design your home, where to find the best insurance, or simply to try new foods! Take a look at new products and developments, and keep an eye out on how to grab yourself the best deal! Show your pet the love it deserves!

Looking After Kittens


Kittens are just about the cuddliest animal you can find and it is very difficult to say no to one when you see them. However, there are some key issues to think about when you bring your kitten home and it’s worth knowing what some of these are. First few Days When you bring your kitten home it will be the first time she has been separated from her Mom and the rest of her family. This is going to make her somewhat stressed, so make sure she has a …

Keeping Chickens


Fresh Eggs Every Day, That Will Do Nicely Keeping chickens is becoming more and more popular nowadays for people in all kinds of environments; it’s not the preserve of the country folk to have the simple pleasure of freshly laid eggs whenever required any longer. What Is Needed? To start with to keep your chickens you will need some form of chicken coop. There are various types on the market, from a simple standard coop and run to the fashionable and modern-looking Eglu by Omlet. Modern and stylish, they are …

Bird Feeders


With such a large range of bird feeders available today and so many choices of bird food to fill them with, the question often asked is, which ones are best? The answer is simply dependent on which kinds of birds you are trying to attract. The perfect feeder is easy to clean, tough enough to withstand the worst of the winter weather thrown at it, squirrel proof and is capable of keeping seeds dry. Different kinds of feeders and bird feed will attract different types of birds, and it is …

Cat Food Samples


Have you noticed recently how cat food is getting a little pricey these days, but the thought of buying a cheaper brand is not always advisable as it can impact on your cat’s health due to all the fillers. You may be thinking it’s time to give your cat a treat and offer them an alternative to the usual food they are eating, but it’s not easy to swap them over from one brand to another. If you have been feeding your cat one brand for sometime, they will be …

Puppy Insurance


As a new addition to any family, having a puppy is a very exciting time for everyone concerned. It’s all about experiencing new things for both the family and the puppy and the first few formative months in a puppy’s life are the most important in building their healthiness and immune system that leads on into a dog’s adult life. By nature, puppies are boisterous and playful and on occasion they can need a little more help than we would want. With this in mind, one area that needs careful …