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Guinea Pig Food

Guinea Pig Food is straightforward in terms of what to buy. Their main dietary requirement consists of hay, and this is best offered fresh when it is soft and green, not stiff and yellow.

Guinea Pig Food

Timothy hay is the best type of hay for your pet, offering the most important dietary requirement to your guinea pig as it helps with their digestion and also to keep their teeth from growing too long.

Along with hay, a carefully chosen limited amount of fruit and vegetables are recommended as these help to produce vitamin C for your guinea pig. Guinea Pigs are one of the few mammals unable to produce vitamin C and so require a food source that contains this nutrient.

Alongside these natural type products, muesli-type mixes are widely available, however be aware your pet may leave the bits they don’t like, which are usually the bits containing fibre. This means they don’t get enough fibre and this can have a knock on effect with their health later on in life. An option to muesli is a nugget, which stops selective feeding and means your guinea pig gets all the required Guinea Pig Care they need in a simple nugget.

Guinea Pig Treats

Guinea pig treats can be found in various forms for your pet. They are usually made up of ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and bound together with honey or peanut butter. As they add some variety to the diet, they are considered good for the animal in small portions.