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Fish Food

With such a variety of fish food available, there is little excuse not to help to keep your fish in tip-top condition by giving them a healthy and nutritious diet. With a healthy diet your fish will not only show better growth rates and better colour they will also have more ability to resist disease and live longer.

Fish Food

Tropical Fish Food

Making sure the feed of your tropical fish is the correct type is critical to maintaining good health. There is a vast range available of tropical fish food, which includes the likes of flaked, granular and pellet food. Other types include wafer and tablet foods aimed at bottom feeding fish together with other options such as sticks and floating pellets.

Flaked fish food is one of the most popular foods available, it’s perfect for small to medium fish and widely available from most reputable manufacturers. As well as general flake products, you can also buy a colour-enhancing flake that helps to enhance the natural colours of fish.

Granular and micro pellet foods are becoming popular with more produced each year. They offer an alternative to flake to vary the diet and many are ideal for mid water and bottom feeding fish as they sink through the water. Wafer and tablet type products are aimed at bottom feeding fish as they drop to the bottom of the tank quickly and are too large for smaller species to swallow giving the bottom feeders a chance to feed. Sticks and floating pellets are larger food items and will remain in the tank longer than finer flakes giving larger fish an opportunity to feed comfortably.

Gold Fish Food

Goldfish enjoy a variety of food including flake, which is full of nutrients for your fish. Most goldfish food manufacturers such as Aquarian Fish Food produce sinking pellets for goldfish. Goldfish can also be fed on vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber and peas using a clip that can be clipped onto the side of the tank for feeding purposes.

Pond Fish Food

A blend of floating sticks, pellets and flakes is ideal for all pond fish. This mix which can be bought specifically as Koi fish food makes feeding a pond that contains a range of different sized pond fish including Koi Carp ideal whether they are looking for food on the surface, mid water or on the bottom, brands such as Tetra Fish Food produce pond fish food amongst their ranges.

Remember don’t overfeed your fish. The main thing to think about is that all the fish food mentioned above is good, but variety will help to give your fish a more balanced diet and your fish will thank you for it.

Fish Food Online

Have you considered buying your fish food online? The choice available now is huge with most online stores offering a huge selection of the best-known brands, along with competitive prices.

With the added benefit of delivery when you want it and being able to order when you want, online retailers are a great way to buy your bulk fish food today.