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Cat Food

With cats being so popular in the UK today it’s no wonder that there is such a wide range of cat food products available.

Cat Food

A cat’s natural diet consists mainly of meat as just like their big cousins they’re carnivores and love nothing more than a good meat feast. However not all cat foods are created equal and cheap cat food can contain less meat in order to make it go further. A good tip here is when you are shopping ensure that meat is listed as the first ingredient; most good quality cat foods or gourmet cat food will list meat first rather than other ingredients.

Three main types of cat food exist; moist, dry and wet or canned. Moist cat food resembles dry kibble but is soft. This type of food appears to be acceptable to most cats. Packed in cans or foil packaging and available in chunks with sauce, wet cat food is particularly popular with some cats, and those that eat this rarely eat other types. Dry cat food, often known as kibble is hard and crunchy and is usually the least expensive. Finicky cats won’t touch this, preferring something more luxurious.

The choice of flavours is huge with all types of cat food available in lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and rabbit amongst others. Combinations such as chicken and lamb are very popular and cat food manufacturers such as Felix Cat Food, Sheba Cat Food and Whiskers Cat Food offer a big selection for the most discerning.

In today’s market, cat food manufacturers such as Royal Canin Food specifically manufacture food for the special dietary needs of cats. This can be specific for different age groups, with higher caloric content for kittens or maybe low mineral content for seniors.

Feeding Your Cat

Feeding your cat is an important factor, feeding them the wrong kind of food or too little and they won’t stay in good health. Conversely, feeding them too much will make them fat. You can however, start them by establishing regular feeding routines and although the food you feed them should be complete and balanced, the simple answer to how often you feed him is that there isn’t a simple answer. Kittens require a different feeding routine to a fully-grown adult; likewise a cat requiring regular medication will require a different regime.

The important factor is to find a schedule that works for you and your cat – and then keep it consistent.

Cat Food Online

The choice of purchasing online for your cat food is huge nowadays with most large pet stores offering a wide selection of the best known brands.

Almost all online retailers offer great value with cost comparisons to be made compared to high street retailers. With the added benefit of delivery when you want it and being able to order when you want, online retailers are a great way to buy your cat food today.

Next time you’re thinking about stocking up on your cat food, check out the choice online and you maybe surprised at the offers available.