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Bird Food

If you have a garden and enjoy seeing the variety of wild birds here in the UK, a good way to attract them is by proving food such as wild bird seed.

Bird Food

Since the 1970’s bird species have been in decline due to environmental changes and the household garden is now an important area for birds to come and find food. We can do our bit by supporting them and of course enjoy the visits from the many different species of these beautiful creatures.

As with most pet and animal feeds the choice is overwhelming with many different varieties and makes of bird food available. These range from simple peanuts through to more exotic bird food, which offer very high dietary and nutritional value.

The simple peanut is available for use in a feeder loose, or as a cake. Both loose peanuts, and peanut cakes are relatively cheap to buy and are particularly suited for the autumn and winter months for attracting such garden bird species as Blue Tits and Great Tits. With the emphasis on seeds and seed mix foods, sunflower seeds come in a variety of forms, from whole black sunflowers that are a great basic food through to sunflower hearts, which are seen as a higher energy food and will attract more species. With young hungry chicks to feed, mealworms are particularly popular and with natural insects becoming more difficult to find, these ensure a great supply of protein. Nyjer seed often known as thistle seed is a high energy seed for all year round feeding. It is rich in essential oils making it a perfect winter feed and it will help to attract breeds such as Goldfinches and Siskins.

Wild Bird Food

Wild bird food can be made up from a mixture of bird nuts, sunflower seeds, nyjer seed and peanuts to attract a variety of birds into your garden area. Seed mixes, which are the most popular form of bird feed available today, together with sultanas and raisins can be bought, and for something a little different as you become confident with knowing what your visitors like, you can always try mixing your own to offer something different. A word of caution here though, if you are thinking of using sultanas and raisins, then it is best to soak them thoroughly before using them during the summer months or periods of dry weather.

For something different, bird pellets and suet pellets offer high energy dietary products and are loved by all bird families. These are ideal for ground feeders and bird tables. They are traditionally offered during the winter months as a real energy boost but can be used to bolster your bird’s requirements such as when breeding, pre-migration or when molting. Mealworms as previously mentioned are a great source of protein for young birds, and they prove to be just as nutritious and attractive to other garden visitors such as badgers and hedgehogs.

Feeding your visiting birds is a great way to put something back for nature, and to help these small beautiful creatures survive. With just a few simple guidelines and a little understanding of what they like you can help to provide a simple balanced diet for all of the species coming into your garden.