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Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

With such a large range of bird feeders available today and so many choices of bird food to fill them with, the question often asked is, which ones are best? The answer is simply dependent on which kinds of birds you are trying to attract.

The perfect feeder is easy to clean, tough enough to withstand the worst of the winter weather thrown at it, squirrel proof and is capable of keeping seeds dry. Different kinds of feeders and bird feed will attract different types of birds, and it is advantageous to have different types of feeders offering different types of feed to attract a range of birds into your garden.

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Plastic Bird Feeder

Plastic bird feeders can be hung or pole mounted. Some have a tray to catch spilt seeds and the transparent column lets you check food levels easily to ensure the feeder always has plenty of feed in it. This type of feeder is ideal for feeding small birds that can easily perch. The food can easily be refilled through the top of the feeder.

Window Feeder

Generally manufactured from plastic, window feeders are perfect for close up views of birds. They are easily placed onto window glass with suction cups, and this close proximity to the window helps to prevent window collisions. The disadvantage to this type of feeder is food should be changed regularly and the feeder kept clean due to the birds standing in their own food. However, most designs are simple for cleaning and filling, and this should present no real problems.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Heavy duty bird feeders are available specifically designed to deter squirrels. They are bite proof and usually manufactured from materials such as steel and polycarbonate. They have a metal top and base to prevent squirrels from eating the available feed.

Nut Feeder

Nut feeders can be hung on bird tables or in tree branches and are a fun and simple way to attract birds into your garden. They can be found manufactured from metal or plastic, metal feeders will offer more protection from squirrels. With the option to hang wherever is convenient, lower hanging will attract small species such as Finches and Blue Tits in the winter months, but when hung higher they will attract larger species all year round. When adding new nuts always empty out the old nuts first.

Whichever type of bird feeder you are looking for, it’s worth thinking about the following tips

  • Try and choose wherever possible a feeder with metal end plates to keep squirrels from chewing open the holes and destroying the feeder.
  • Metal and ceramic products are less likely to be destroyed by squirrels and other nuisance feeders.
  • Seed trays will allow larger birds to feed on tube feeders. If you wish to discourage large birds try a feeder with no tray.
  • Try and use a feeder with drainage holes in the bottom. This allows water to drain easily.